About Claire Martin

In Memoriam ~ Claire Martin, ARNP

It was with great sadness and sorrow that we reported to the untimely and tragic death of Lakes Regional District Coordinator, Claire Martin. Ellen Laase, a good friend and colleague, wrote:

"As a Nurse Practitioner in an Independent Practice, Claire worked tirelessly to promote her profession and the Association. Each goal achieved or obstacle overcome to establish herself as a health care provider in this community was a reason to cheer and cause for celebration. While these accomplishments may have seemed small in the overall picture, each achievement was yet another step closer to a truly independent role within the health care community.

Many discussions over the past few years as district coordinators centered around: who we are, what we do and why we do it. The outpouring of emotions from Claire Martins’ patients during these past few days indicates to me, not only did Claire know her role as a health care provider, but was successful in projecting her “Health Care With a Gentle Touch” to those patients she cared for in this community. I am forwarding to you a note taped to our office doorby one of her patients. I think it is important for you to see an example of how Claire Martin’s patients were affected by her “gentle touch.”

Claire Martin will be greatly missed by her patients and her staff; she will be missed both professionally and personally by members of this Lakes Region District."

Claire Martin Memorial Fund

To honor Claire and her commitment to nursing, NHNPA is pleased to announce the creation of the Claire Martin Memorial Fund. The fund will be used to support individuals who are pursuing their careers in advanced practice nursing.

Donations to the fund should be made payable to the“Claire Martin Memorial Fund".