Student Member At Large Seat - Application

Call for Nominations
The NHNPA Board of Directors is seeking nominations for a Student Member At Large. If you are interested in serving the organization in this capacity we encourage you to complete the brief nomination application.

Responsibilities of the Member At Large
Represents the NP student community as a whole.
To support the mission of the NHNPA to empower nurse practitioners and champion their practice
To help lead, advocate for, and represent NPs as leaders in NH healthcare
To actively demonstrate the values of the NHNPA of integrity, excellence, leadership, respect, and service to NH NPs.
Assist with Board initiatives and serve on at least one Board committee.
Complete the annual conflict of interest statement.

Responsibilities of All Board Members
Expectations of Board Service 
Prepare for and attend monthly board meetings 
Serve on at least one Committee of the Board, which includes participating in its meetings (typically, by phone) and contributing to committee work between meetings
Participate in planning and promoting the annual Northern New England Nurse Practitioner Conference - which includes soliciting conference sponsors, speakers, and attendees 
Contribute to capacity-building efforts, including developing new revenue streams
Support the annual membership drives, and year-round efforts to recruit new members and re-engage lapsed members
Participate in NHNPA’s advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels
Serve as an ambassador for the organization, seeking connections and linkages with individuals and other organizations that would advance the work of NHNPA
Represent the organization, when expressly requested by the Board, at conferences and other events
Abide by the bylaws, code of conduct, and other policies that apply to the Board
Be familiar with and follow conflict-of-interest policies, and submit an annual conflict-of-interest disclosure form.
Establish, review, and monitor policies that guide core operational practices (eg. financial management, human resource management)
Participate in the periodic review of NHNPA’s mission and objectives and the development of strategic plans 
Monitor the performance of the organization in relation to objectives and core values
Keep informed about community issues relevant to the mission and objectives of NHNPA
Exercise voting rights
Assist in the creation of standing, special, and/or ad-hoc committees as needed
Work as a team member and support board decisions
Demonstrate board member responsibilities of care, loyalty, and obedience
Avoid involvement in all political campaigns in the name of NHNPA unless directed by the board or executive director to question or present an advocacy issue on behalf of the organization to a potential candidate
Maintain confidentiality of the board’s executive actions.

Planning For The Time Commitment
Prepare for and attend monthly Board meetings
Meetings are held by video conference or face-to-face in Concord, NH
Meetings are currently held in the evening
Estimated time commitment: 3 hours per month
Participate on at least one sub-committee of the Board/membership
Meetings are typically held via video conference
Estimated time commitment: 1-3 hours per month
Serve as a liaison between the Board, organization, partners, and the general public|
Promote membership and special events of the organization
Estimated time commitment: 1 hour per month
Attend annual Board retreats and special events 
1 Day Board retreat 
NP Week Celebration
Legislative Breakfast and Board Event following the breakfast - February
Annual membership meeting at the annual conference 

Click here to complete the application. 


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